Are you spending way too much time searching through your emails for receipts? If so, our AI-powered platform can help accomplish the same task in a few seconds.

The productivity hack you've been waiting for.

Say goodbye to inbox detective work! Receiptify is your trusty sidekick, tirelessly extracting receipts from your email and keeping them in line. No more playing memory games with work purchases.

Find all your receipts in seconds

Eliminate the need for hiring assistants to locate receipts. Our platform ensures fast and efficient retrieval of every receipt.

Comprehensive Data Extraction

Our platform extract every detail of a receipt including purchase amounts, categories, merchants, sales tax, and more.

Upload receipts from your phone

Don't have a scanner? No problem. Snap a photo of your receipt from your phone and upload directly to our platform on the go.

QuickBooks Integration

Connect your QuickBooks account and we'll match transactions and receipts automatically!

Automatic receipts backup

Link your Dropbox or Google Drive account and automatically backup every single receipts for auditing purposes.

Download reports

Download all your receipts to a ZIP, CSV, or PDF file in seconds with a click of a button.

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to grant access to my email inbox for this system to function?

Absolutely not. Although it's convenient for our software to extract receipts from your emails, it's not a requirement. You can also directly upload receipts and invoices from our platform. Our same AI technology is also capable of extracting and categorize uploaded receipts.

Does Receiptify automatically identify emails containing receipts?

Yes, our platform can automatically identify email content containing receipts and attachments with receipts.

Can I upload my own receipts?

In addition to automatically extracting receipts from your emails, Receiptify provides the option to manually upload your own receipts. This can be done seamlessly from your computer or mobile device.

Can I analyze my previous emails for receipts

Certainly! Receiptify allows you to retrospectively extract receipts, going back as far as needed.

What information does Receiptify extract from receipts?

Receiptify extracts details such as merchant, amount, sales tax, categories, and more.

Can I export my receipts?

Absolutely. You can easily export your receipts in various formats, including ZIP, CSV, PDF, and conveniently back them up to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Does Receiptify save my emails in the database?

No, our platform does not save any messages in the database. We only retain message IDs for tracking processed items.

Has Receiptify undergone security assessments?

Yes, Receiptify has successfully completed a Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) and received validation from the App Defense Alliance (ADA). This comprehensive assessment ensures conformity with CASA-recognized security frameworks, verification of automated security test (AST) application scan results, and adherence to non-functional CASA requirements. Receiptify meets the CASA TIER 2 requirements, ensuring a high level of security for our users. Learn more about CASA and its industry-recognized security standards on the CASA developer site.

Please note that this validation is valid from the issue date of 1/16/2024 until the expiration date of 1/16/2025.

What our customers are saying

Joseph Van, Glove Surplus

"Receiptify is incredibly easy to use and accurate. It saves our small company hours every quarter by eliminating the need to sift through emails to find receipts, giving us more time to market our product and attend trade shows."

Thai Huynh, Self-Employed Engineer

"I used to scramble around during tax season, searching my inbox for receipts to aid with deductions. Now, I simply log into Receiptify, download a ZIP file containing all the receipts it found throughout the year, and send it to my accountant."

A comprehensive suite of plans designed for your business.

Whether you're a meticulous individual yearning to conquer the chaos of receipts or a seasoned accountant juggling more numbers than a circus performer, rest assured, we've got your organizational back, with a touch of financial flair and a sprinkle of humor!

$9/ month
For individuals needing in-depth email analysis.
  • 2 Email Inboxes
  • 100 Receipts
  • Pull emails from last 12 months
  • Google Drive & Dropbox Sync
Risk free. Cancel anytime.
$29/ month
For individuals managing a high volume of receipts.
  • Unlimited Email Inboxes
  • 1,000 Receipts
  • Pull emails from last 4 years
  • Google Drive & Dropbox Sync
  • Team Members
Risk free. Cancel anytime.
$79/ month
For businesses with multiple clients and employees
  • Unlimited Email Inboxes
  • Unlimited Receipts
  • Pull emails from last 4 years
  • Google Drive & Dropbox Sync
  • Team Members
Risk free. Cancel anytime.

* All prices listed are in USD


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